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Prestige Landscaping is a full-service landscape design company located in Franklinton that provides landscaping services and firewood deliveries to Franklinton, Youngsville, Louisburg, Wake Forest, Rolesville, N. Raleigh, and all the surrounding areas. We specialize in all aspects of commercial and residential landscaping and hardscaping services.

If you live near North Raleigh or Wake Forest and you're looking for a professional, reliable, and affordable Landscaping Company or Firewood Supplier, then you're search is over! Our crew are all friendly and knowledgeable, with years of experience, and they're ready to handle all your landscaping, hardscaping, and firewood needs. From start to finish, we'll work with you to create an outdoor environment that'll satisfy your lifestyle and your budget.

Our Services

  • Landscape Designing
  • Retaining Walls & Erosion Control
  • Hardscapes, Stone Patios & Walkways
  • Land Grading & Dirt Removal
  • Lawn Care & Maintenance
  • General Bobcat Services
  • Snow Plowing & Salting
  • Local Firewood Deliveries

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Recent Projects


The Prestige Landscaping team went all out for this project. Our team designed and built stone garden walls, an enormous stone patio, a stone fire pit with a sitting area, and an outdoor kitchen. We even installed hidden wall lighting!

We used mainly Belgard and Lafitt products. The stone patio is made with a Mega Lafitt product with River Street and Belgian stone. The stone garden and retaining walls are made with a Lafitt Tandem product with Avondale stones.

Our Services

Prestige Landscaping is a full-service landscape design company located in Franklinton and providing landscaping services to North Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, Louisburg, and all the surrounding areas. We specialize in all aspects of commercial and residential Lawn Care, Landscaping, and Hardscaping Services.

Prestige Landscaping - Services - Landscape Design

Landscape Designing

One of the primary goals of Landscaping is making the property more aesthetically appealing. We have years of experience constructing flower beds and planting decorative bushes, shrubs, and trees in the N. Raleigh & Wake Forest area. We know which plants and trees are best suited for our climate and the nutrient deficient red clay that covers most of Raleigh. No matter how inhospitable the environment, we'll design a landscape that can tame it!

Prestige Landscaping - Services - Retaining Wall

Retaining Walls & Erosion Control

All our Landscape Designers are familiar with N. Raleigh & Wake Forest area: the hills, the soil, and the river basins. Some retaining walls are for purely aesthetic purposes, but others need to be well thought out and professionally designed. Our team has years of experience working in all kinds of environments and using different types of materials and methods for constructing retaining walls.

Prestige Landscaping - Hardscaping Services - Stone Walkway Installers

Hardscapes, Stone Patios & Walkways

Throughout the years our landscape designers have designed and created hundreds of outdoor living spaces all around the N. Raleigh & Wake Forest area; transforming home entrances and backyards with beautiful and long-lasting Masonry Work - Stone Patios, Walkways, Terraces, Steps, Fire pits, and Outdoor Kitchen & Living Spaces. Hardscaping projects last a lifetime and help increase the long term value of your property.

Prestige Landscaping - Landscaping Services -

Irrigation & Drainage Systems

As landscape designers, we are often tasked with transforming unusable areas into comfortable outdoor living spaces. This usually involves removing trees, brush, or soil and covering the ground with grass, gravel, stone, or concrete. Sometimes these land clearing projects can disrupt the natural flow of rainwater runoff and a Drainage System will need to be designed and constructed.

Prestige Landscaping - Services - Land Grading & Land Leveling

Land Grading & Dirt Removal

Anyone living here in the North Raleigh or Wake Forest area probably has a yard that isn't perfectly flat. As Landscapers we are often tasked with leveling Raleigh's rolling hills into usable flat land that is more suitable for construction. Anytime land is cleared it needs to be graded in a way that directs rainwater runoff away from the property. That sometimes involves digging ditches, installed drainage systems, or building retaining walls.

Prestige Landscaping - Services - Lawn Care & Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Care & Maintenance

Our Lawn Care & Maintenance services include grass sod installation, weekly lawn mowing services, leaf removal, seasonal mulching, aerating, seeding, shrub pruning, tree trimming, and tree removal services. We'll develop a custom lawn care program that is affordable and effective at maintaining an attractive outdoor environment that you can enjoy year round.

Local Firewood Deliveries

Prestige Landscaping's provides Firewood Deliveries to Franklinton, Youngsville, Wake Forest, Rolesville, and all the surrounding areas. Our log yard is located on the South side of Franklinton at 106 Horse Shoe Bend. It is about 2 miles North of the center of Youngsville and about 8 miles North of Wake Forest. We also deliver firewood for an additional fee.

General Bobcat Services

Does your yard have unwanted hills and valleys? Is rainwater getting too close to your foundation? As a reliable Bobcat Service in the N. Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, and Franklinton, area, we cater to a wide range of landscape projects and offer bobcat services including land clearing, excavation, land leveling, grading, drainage, and more… Our bobcat contractors can help grade and level your land for better drainage, as well as a flat, even surface for things like new driveways, concrete pads, outdoor sheds, and more. We are bonded and licensed for large projects.

Snow Plowing & Salting

When the weather gets cold, do you find yourself living in fear of that first snowfall? Do you dread putting on your heavy boots, hauling out the shovel and sweating under your thick winter coat? Our local Snow Plowing Service is here to calm your fears! Our crews show up and give you access to the outside world. Often when you wake up your property is clean and the ice is melting. We provide snow plowing services to N. Raleigh, Wake Forest, Rolesville, Youngsville, and Franklinton so give us a call if you get snowed in!

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 14 reviews

Top Work!

Tyler has done a couple of jobs for me and I must say the quality is worth the wait. He is very thorough and willing to always deliver 100%.

by Steve and Shirley on Prestige Landscaping & Lawn Care
Wake Forest - Retaining Wall

Prestige Landscaping did a fantastic job on our yard. Not only did we keep increasing the scope of work while they were hard at it, we had them come back the following spring to do additional landscape work in the front yard. Tyler's pricing is beyond reasonable as he won't skimp or cut corners to save a few dollars on your project. His quality control is uncompromising and the finish projects will be worth it.

Not only would I recommend him for your next project, I hired him to do ours! It's not often these days you find a business that does fantastic work on a handshake. Tyler goes above and beyond what they say they will do. Our two projects look as good almost two years later as they did the day he completed them.

I do not hesitate in giving them five stars!!!

They did an awesome job! I appreciate how quickly they came and did an estimate and their professionalism!

Wake Forest

Great work

Local Landscapers in Wake Forest, Rolesville, N. Raleigh

Outstanding, superb workmanship and service! I had talked with 2 other landscapers before meeting Tyler. I really knew immediately that this young man cared about what I wanted and would work well with me. He and his crew have a real vision to do what is necessary to use the existing area involved to create a beautiful completed project that enhances the entire area. They built a stone patio extension and retaining wall around an existing cement stamped patio. The paver color and retaining wall stone match exactly. I was constantly kept informed of their progress and always asked my opinion before they did something. They absolutely want you to be pleased. Extremely professional and personable. Since it was a 3 day project, they made sure they cleaned up the entire community area involved before they left for the day.So, my advice is, look no further! Tyler and his brother and coworker are the best for your project!!

by Louis & Barbara in Wake Forest, NC on Prestige Landscaping & Lawn Care
Landscape Designers in Wake Forest, NC

All the other landscape designers in Wake Forest need to borrow a page from Tyler's playbook. Seriously its like he knew what my wife was thinking. She went through 2 other landscape designers and fired them because they didn't share her vision. We still paid them for the work they did, but the job was never finished. So we tried again with Tyler because he was recommended by a friend. We explained our situation and our previous failed experiences. My wife and I aren't professional landscape designers so of course we don't know the proper lingo to describe what we wanted, but Tyler pulled up his website and showed us a lot of pictures from other jobs he has done and luckily he had a picture of the exact kind of stone she wanted. I commend his patience and I appreciate the time he took explaining the whole process. So, a big thank you to Tyler and his crew. They were ALL very friendly and professional. The contrast with the last landscape designer's crew was night and day. After they were "done" we spent half a day picking up a cigarette butts - seriously!! Maybe they normally clean up, but I guess they weren't happy with us just as we weren't happy with them, I don't know. With Tyler's crew I never saw any of them smoking on the job. That is what I expect when I'm spending thousands of dollars with a landscape company.  Thanks again Tyler!!

by Clayton T. - Wake Forest, NC on Prestige Landscaping & Lawn Care
Landscape Designers in Wake Forest, NC

We live in Wake Forest and have tried a few landscape designers throughout the years, but from now on we will only call Tyler at Prestige Landscaping. He is friendly, professional, and extremely easy going. They did a lot of work for us. We actually started with a small job, but ended up transforming our entire backyard. Tyler definitely defines the term "landscape designer" compared to lawn service. I think that may have been our mistake in the past. We have always had a lawn service take care of our grass and when we needed landscaping work we would just ask them. Well Tyler's company is also a lawn care service, but they specialize in landscape designing. They dug up part of a hill, constructed a retaining wall, and installed a stone patio that we put our grill on now. This actually saved us a lot of money because we were going to have out entire deck completely redone - it is quite small. Now we have a huge patio and plenty of space for patio tables and chairs. We can fit seat 5 times the amount of people which is awesome because we're grand parents now and our family just keeps getting bigger. Thanks Tyler and to anyone in Wake Forest searching for landscape designers, call Tyler and you will not be disappointed!

Landscaping Services: Retaining Wall Installation - Wake Forest, NC

We have lived in Wake Forest for a while and have tried a few different landscaping companies through the years. We're so glad we found finally found Prestige Landscaping. Now we'll never have to call anyone else. Tyler and his crew did a great job with our project building a retaining wall. He was very professional, respectful of our time and kept the work site neat. I'd absolutely look to hire him again for future projects. - Kerrie in Wake Forest

Landscaping Companies: Retaining Wall Installation - Wake Forest, NC

We are new to Wake Forest and were recommended Prestige Landscaping by a friend. The owner, Mr. Tyler, is an awesome guy and a very good worker. He is a kind, professional, and customer-loving guy. His team is awesome too. I personally refer him to anyone who lives near Wake Forest. Thank you so much for the work you all did. I appreciated the whole team. - Hari in Wake Forest, NC

Landscaping Services: Landscape Designing - Youngsville, NC

It was very enjoyable! No hassles and quality workmanship, and Tyler was awesome. This company actually does what they say they are going to do.

Soil, Sand, Mulch and Rock Deliveries - Raleigh, NC

Tyler and his crew (4 total) showed up on time, did exactly what they said they would do, and even though the temperature was well above 90, they worked extremely hard all day. We highly recommend this landscaping outfit to others. Cost: $2,576.00

Soil, Sand, Mulch and Rock Deliveries - Wake Forest, NC

They are neat, efficient, caring and hard working men.

Soil, Sand, Mulch and Rock Deliveries - Franklinton, NC

Tyler and his crew were courteous and responsive to my requests. Great job! Cost: $598.00

Landscape Design, Yard & Garden Design - N. Raleigh

Tyler was very creative by coming up with design ideas for my lawn, and took his time to make sure I am happy. More than just cutting lawn and planting seed, he goes above and beyond!

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